Why Every Charitable Worker Needs a Pet

Working for a charity organization requires passion and commitment. Some of the ground experiences are traumatizing; it’s worse when you can’t meet the needs of your target audience. What you do away from work determines your sanity in your area of work.

That explains why you need to involve in activities that give you positive energy to face yet another day. When you see an appeal to donate or offer assistance from a charitable organization, some situations are pathetic if you can do it with all the haste.

The situations are beyond human understanding. Look at people affected by earthquakes and have to live in deplorable conditions to survive. Engaging in physical exercise is the best thing to do, a bit after such a situation; you have no physical energy left.

You want to take that rest as you wait for sleep. Do you know at times that sleep isn’t near the “eyes”? Therefore, some human company can do you good.

Since people also tend to follow their dreams, and every family member also has their share of emotional battles they are dealing with, now a pet comes in handy? Why a pet?

It makes you feel better.

Caring for a pet improves your emotional well-being. The fact that you are completely responsible for their lives as they also take good care of you makes you feel better.

Moreover, it stimulates the productions of feel-good hormones, which reduce stress and further depression.

When you get home low, as the dog wags its tail in appreciation of your presence and the cat also welcomes you with a sweet call-voice, you have no option but to forget the workplace’s challenges and appreciate what nature had to offer.

It helps you cope with the crisis.

You have come home, and there is a snake that has found its way into your home. Trust me; you don’t need to struggle to get it.

The pet will alert you after its lifeless thanks to its prowess in hunting such animals. Moreover, when you have a lot in your mind and can’t think straight, the sight of innocence in your pet brings you down to their level, which gives you a chance to involve the voice of reason and logic in managing the situation with ease.

Provides company

Are you bored at home? Are you an introvert who enjoys their company? Do you know at one point you need someone to converse with whether they listen or not?

 Instead of walking alone in the hood, as they also stretch, you also have someone to act as a backup to provide the necessary company you need. You notice that you will cover more kilometers of walking than when you were alone. Moreover, at times the pet may not want to get back home and requires more outdoor activity. At that point, you have a well-spent weekend with your pet, unlike what you can do with human company.

Stabilizes your negative emotions

Are you devastated by the experience in the field? Are you just having a bad day at work, and everything looks like it isn’t pleasant? That alone piles up as negative emotions, which bring a sense of hopelessness which is detrimental to your emotional health.

As you come home, you get to experience the new milestones with your pet. As you enjoy that bath and waggles its tail in appreciation, you understand that life is not as serious as you want to put it. Pets have a way of lowering your negative emotions to stability, making you feel better and healthier.

Enhances your social life

Psychologists advise that every introvert should keep a pet. How will you handle humanity at the refugee camp when naturally you only enjoy your company? A charitable worker should have a good social life; that is when the children and youth can open up to what they experience to include in your project proposal for its success.

You start enjoying company from a pet if you can cope with a pet that has different characters. Still, you are patient enough to accommodate their diverse characters to become a habitable pet. When you control your cat’s weight and see results, you tend to enhance your social skills.

Supports physical movement

Are you tired of engaging in any physical activity after a hard day’s work? Have you supported humanity to a point you are at a level of optimum exhaustion?

 It’s evident you need to become physically active; the only psyche you can have is when your dog eagerly waits for you to take them out for a walk. Why not take advantage and enjoy its company as you stretch your body muscles?

Improves your interpersonal skills

Pet keepers prove that you nurture many lessons and interpersonal skills by keeping a pet at home. They include

  • Patience
  • Teamwork
  • Conflict resolution
  • Communication
  • Positivity

How do you manage to cool an irritant cat? What of an ostrich who uses agility to communicate? Throwing the pet isn’t an option; instead, you must strive for a win-win deal to cope with the situation.

Keep you busy

The only person that will keep you company, comfort you, and empathize with you without judgment is your favorite pet. Get another pet and see how it jealously guard its territory; that’s a way of showing you that you mean a lot to it. When the home you have to take care of it, bath it and keep it company too. Before you notice that day, months and years are gone. It’s a way o living a fruitful life.

What are some of the pets you can keep?
  • dogs
  • Cats
  • Chicken
  • Rabbit
  • Turkey
  • Ostrich

Pets come in handy to help charity workers have a fruitful life despite what they go through in their line of duty.